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rubric and guidelines together 1007 - FINC 5133: Financial...

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FINC 5133: Financial Policy Dr. Timothy B. Michael Page 1 of 4 Case Reports Each team will be required to hand in a written report on the assigned cases presented by their group. The report must be typed, double-spaced, and no more than 10 pages (not including the Executive Summary or the exhibits -- you can have as many pages of exhibits as you need to). The written analysis should be well-organized and concise in order to cover all areas of concern, and should focus on financial analysis and not just rewriting the facts of the case. The following outline should be following and clearly labeled: Written Case Reports (a suggested format) I. Executive Summary (2 pages max) II. Introduction III. Analysis (usually, this means “answers to the questions in the case”) IV. Conclusion The report should begin with an "Executive Summary" which should be only two pages. The first page summarizes the facts of the case and points out the financial problem, question or area of interest. The second page of the summary should relate the team's most important findings and concern. Next, the body of the report begins with an introduction that briefly explains the focus of the report (the direction of the analysis) and why it is important to the company. The body of the report must include a discussion of the issues of concern (i.e.: the case questions). Again, highlight the reason why the issues are important and how they impact the company. Do not just provide facts from the case but use the facts to present an analysis that explains the importance of the concepts to the company. Key information and data from the case questions should be used in the written analysis to support explanations and recommendations. Do not assume that I will hunt through the exhibits to find relevant information. It should be possible for the reader to follow the written case analysis without fully
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rubric and guidelines together 1007 - FINC 5133: Financial...

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