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FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS MANAGEMENT FINC 4331 Fall 2004 Meeting Times: MW 10:00 until 11:20 Instructor: Timothy B. Michael, PhD Office: Bayou 3121.30 Phone: 281-283-3193 (office); 832-693-0778 (cell) Email: [email protected] Homepage: http://members.aol.com/TBMichael/mypage2.htm Office Hours: T & W 17:00 until 18:30; Thursday 15:00 until 15:30; Immediately after class and by appointment. Textbook: Gardner, Mills & Cooperman, Managing Financial Institutions (5th Edition) , Thomson South-Western, 2005. Reading List: The list of required readings will be available on the first day of class, at the Web page above, with links to the articles in the reading list. You are responsible for downloading (or copying) and reading each assigned article. Other Required Materials: Relevant articles or readings from sources such as Business Week, The Wall Street Journal , or The Federal Reserve Bulletin may be assigned, handed out or placed on reserve in the library during the semester. You will be responsible for obtaining and reading each assignment. In most cases, I will put a hotlink to the article on the class Web page. Calculator: Please bring a financial calculator to every class and exam. You will not be allowed to share calculators during exams. On any given day, there may be a quiz which requires you to use a calculator. At a minimum, your calculator should be able to take an nth root and/or raise a number to a fractional power. NOTE: You may choose to use a financial calculator to perform some of the problems in this class, but you will be required to show all work and demonstrate the use of the proper formulae and techniques on tests; you will receive no credit for answers which are simply written down from the calculator without corresponding evidence which convinces me that you can work the problem without a calculator as well. Course Prerequisites: The Undergraduate Catalog lists FINC 3331 as the prerequisite for this course. If you have not taken FINC 3331 you should not attempt to take FINC 4331.
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FINC 4331: Financial Institutions Management, Page 2 Course Objectives: The primary objective of this course is to provide you with the conceptual framework necessary to analyze and comprehend the current problems confronting managers of commercial banks and other depository institutions. In addition, we will examine the interface between banks and other businesses, and study how this may be relevant to those students who aren’t pursuing jobs in a banking field. One focus of the course is Asset-Liability Management (ALM) -- using both sides of the bank's balance sheet and access to the capital markets to manage various types of risk. Topics to be covered in the class include recent regulation, banking trends and competition, performance analysis, interest rate risk management, credit analysis, liquidity planning, investment portfolio analysis, the use of off-balance-sheet activities, and capital management under the Basel Accord. We will also examine the current structure of the banking industry
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