Mutation adaptive radiation polyploidy population

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Unformatted text preview: versity of living organisms on the planet. (a) Explain THREE of the following processes or phenomena, using an appropriate example for each. · Mutation · adaptive radiation · polyploidy · population bottlenecks · growth of the human population (b) For each process or phenomenon you selected in (a), discuss its impact on the diversity of life on Earth. One point for each definition, example, impact and explanation. Definition Example mutation change in DNA adaptive radiation multiple species from 1 ancestor polyploidy more than 2 complete chromosome sets population bottlenecks sudden/drastic decrease in population size (usually natural) deletion/insertion point mutation chromosomal aberration Galapagos finches mammals angiosperms plants (common) animals (rare e.g., fish, amphibians) cheetahs northern elephant seals growth of human population near carrying capacity exponential evidence from age pyramid rapid increase – developing countries slow growth - U.S. no growth - Italy Impact on diversity of life on earth increase or decrease increase increase decrease decrease Explanation altered proteins new geno/phenotypes raw material for selection new species co-existence of species development of new species (autoploidy speciation, alloploidy speciation) random/not adaptive population not representative of original smaller gene pool Use of resources leads to extinction of other species Copyright © 2003 by College Entrance Examination Board. All rights reserved. Available at 6...
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