Rna processing rna processing locationcyto location

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Unformatted text preview: ell Memb Location: Nucleus (and Mito & Chloro) Transcription No RNA Processing RNA processing Location:Cyto Location: Nucleus (and Mito & Chloro) Monocistronic Polycistronic Initiation:sigma Initiation: initiation factors or 1 RNA polymerase 3 RNA polymerase Translation T+T coupled T+T not coupled 30s/40s 40s/60s Location: cyto Location:also in Mito & Chloro Gene Regulation Operon No operon +&- control +control, primarily Enhancers rare Enhancers common none Methylation, acetylation, Barr bodies Cell Division No mitosis/Meiosis Mitosis/Meiosis Rapid Slower No spindles Spindles Copyright © 2003 by College Entrance Examination Board. All rights reserved. Available at apcentral.collegeboard.com. 2 AP® BIOLOGY 2003 SCORING GUIDELINES (Form B) Question 2 Hormones play important roles in regulating the lives of many living organisms. (a) For TWO of the following physiological responses, explain how hormones cause the response in plants. · increase in height · adjustment to change in light · adjustment to lack of water (b) For TWO of the...
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