The Emperor's Club

The Emperor's Club - Ron Walker English 1510 Harry Miller...

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Ron Walker English 1510 Harry Miller The Emperor's Club William Hundert, the assistant headmaster at St. Benedict School, applies his high standards of doing right and aiming high to his young pupils. Set on motivating his scholars, Hundert spews out his philosophy as he reminds his students to "walk the path of great men" or asks them, "How will history remember you?" The heartfelt educator regards Greek and Roman mythology as much more than sermons of what went before. Hundert constantly reminds his students that it is his responsibility, to educate and somehow sculpt their moral fiber. However, in the 1976 school semester, Professor Hundert discovers his sheltered and conventional way to challenge his students is about to be ruffled. The day Sedgewick Bell walked into the school everything changed. He was the spoiled rich son of a West Virginia Senator. Right from the very start he and Hundert are at odds and it seems to continue twenty five years afterward. The choice of Kevin Kline portraying Hundert was excellent. He gave a convincing performance of a real teacher with morals and values. For instance, when Hundert confronts Senator Bell regarding Sedgewick's grades Hundert retains his professional demeanor in the same manner he expects from his students. Kline further advances Hundert in character by showing a more vulnerable side. He has a love interest in a coworker, Elizabeth. The dividing factor between them is that she is married. When Hundert learns of Elizabeth’s plan to relocate to Europe with her husband he is sadden but
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The Emperor's Club - Ron Walker English 1510 Harry Miller...

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