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INTRODUCTION TO ARCHAEOLOGY – ANTH220 Department of Anthropology University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana Fall 2008 Professor: Christina Halperin T&TR 10:00-10:50 Office: Davenport Hall , 185 Noyes Lab, Rm 161 Office Hours: MW 10:00-11:30 by appt.; Phone: 217-333-9694 Email: Teaching Assistant: Yu (Doreen) Dong Office Hours TR 9-10; F 10-11 Rm 309E Email: Course Description This course takes a broad, introductory look at archaeology, at the concepts and theories archaeologists employ, archaeological methodologies in the field and lab, and the role of archaeology for understanding and living in the world today--and in the future. In other words, it not only examines what archaeologists uncover, but how they do so, and why these endeavors may be of relevance. Some of the topics we will cover include: a social history of archaeology, methods of survey, excavation, and dating, archaeological contributions to material culture studies, environmental archaeology and sustainability, the archaeology of identity, inequality, urbanism, warfare, and food and drink, as well as the politics and ethics of archaeology (such as artifact collecting and looting, repatriation issues). The course will draw on examples from prehistoric cultures around the world as case studies to clarify the concepts at hand. Required Texts Renfrew, Colin and Paul Bahn 2008 Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice, 5 th Edition . Thames and Hudson, New York (ISBN 978-0-500-28713-2) Sabloff, Jeremy A. 2008 Archaeology Matters: Action Archaeology in the Modern World . Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA (ISBN978-1-59874-089-9 ) Compass Web Site A course web page for this class is available using the University's Compass program. You
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