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ECTE172 Introduction to Circuits and Devices Spring 2007 Tutorial 1 ( ) shows the chapter and problem number from the textbook Boylestad, 11th Edition 1. (13.17) Find the amplitude and frequency of the waves (a) 20sin377t (b) 5 sin754t (c) 10 6 sin10,000t (d) -6.4sin942t. 2. (13.20) If e=300 sin157t, how long (in seconds) does it take this waveform to complete 1/2 cycle? 3. (13.27) Write the analytical expression for the waveform in Fig. 13.84 with the phase angle in degrees. 4. (13.31) Find the phase relationship between the waveforms v = 0.2 sin ( ω t - 60 0 ) and i = 0.1 sin ( ω t + 20 0 ). 5. (13.39) Find the average value of the periodic waveform in Fig. 13.91. 6. (13.45) Find the rms value of the periodic waveform in Fig. 13.95 over one full cycle. 7. (13.46) What are the average and rms values of the square wave in Fig. 13.96? 8. (14.6)Determine the inductive reactance (in ohms) of a 2 H coil for (a) dc (b) 10 Hz (c) 60 Hz (d) 2000 Hz (e) 100,100 Hz. 9. (14.9) The current through a 20Ω inductive reactance is given. What is the sinusoidal
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