10014_021510_18 - aintenance depreciation of factory...

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electing the right info to solve particular problems fo; satisfied with estimates; use nonmonetary data action e bject called segmented reporting ns supplemental, cost < benefit Selling expenses Securing customer order Getting product to customer Advertising Sales commissions Sales salaries Moving product from factory General/administrative General management Corporate executive salaries Administrative staff Utilities for corporation building (matching) y traced other than DM/DL t great costs (glue, nuts, bolts) itors, supervisors, security)
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Unformatted text preview: aintenance, depreciation of factory plant & equipment, factory rent, factory insurance II. Financial Accounting A. Provide info to outside users • Shareholders • Creditors • Government B. Reports past performance C. Verifiability/objectivity D. Precise effort; time/effort E. Report at top level of corporation F. GAAP G. Mandatory III. What is cost? • Depends on question & context A. Costs used to prepare financial statements – manufacturing company 1. Product Cost & Period Cost...
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10014_021510_18 - aintenance depreciation of factory...

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