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WIP)] made Beginning ems added during month) s finished during the month__________ product or beginning unfinished product for next month ule for COGM) Warehouse Inventory] ed goods (not sold yet) ed during month (COGM) ring the month (COGS – customer buys product)___ goods or beginning finished goods for next month ome statement) arehouse ventory] aterials hases ___________ ials at end of month or beginning of next month
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Unformatted text preview: Total $650 (Material used) $450 $550 $1650 $400 $300 $350 $1050 $1050/10 units = $105 6 sold 4 left COGS FG $630 $420 DL $150 OH $200 Total $600 Beg. Inv $0 + Purchases $820 Mat. Available $820- Mat. Used $650 End. Inv. $170 Cost of goods manufactured (COGM): what was finished during the month Cost of gods sold (COGS): what was sold during the month Chapter 2 Example Worksheet...
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