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Betz Class Notes 1/26 Medicare-created 1965-Title 18 of Social Security Act. People on ERSD Elderly High Regional Cost Variations Entitlement is not a constitutional right. Government has designated a group of people to it. Medicare can be supplemented by private insurance. There is a doughnut hole. Part D covers you up to a certain point then you pay out of your pocket, then you get covered again. Be ble to list Medicare details Health care spending growth in ’07 only went up 6.1% versus 6.7% in 2006-Fastest
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Unformatted text preview: growing expenditure. 07=2.2 trillion which is $7,400 per person for every man, woman, and child. It is 16.2% of GDP. 09 was $8,500 per person. Our care is more specialized. Everyday living is not good. Eating right, exercising, etc. Where do we spend most of our money? 696.5 billion on hospitals in this country. Helped by Medicaid utilization ( people have Medicare/health...
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