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Betz Class Notes

Betz Class Notes - growing expenditure ‘07=2.2 trillion...

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Betz Class Notes 1/26 Medicare-created 1965-Title 18 of Social Security Act. People on ERSD Elderly High Regional Cost Variations Entitlement is not a constitutional right. Government has designated a group of people to it. Medicare can be supplemented by private insurance. There is a doughnut hole. Part D covers you up to a certain point then you pay out of your pocket, then you get covered again. Be ble to list Medicare details Health care spending growth in ’07 only went up 6.1% versus 6.7% in 2006-Fastest
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Unformatted text preview: growing expenditure. ‘07=2.2 trillion which is $7,400 per person for every man, woman, and child. It is 16.2% of GDP. • ’09 was $8,500 per person. • Our care is more specialized. Everyday living is not good. Eating right, exercising, etc. • Where do we spend most of our money? 696.5 billion on hospitals in this country. Helped by Medicaid utilization ( people have Medicare/health...
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