Bodenheimer Chapter 12

Bodenheimer Chapter 12 - Bodenheimer Chapter 12- Long Term...

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Bodenheimer Chapter 12- Long Term Care Who pays for long term care? -The United States spent $177 billion on long-term care in 2006, including $125 billion on nursing home care. A 1 year nursing home stay costs an average of $70,000. -Direct out of pocket payments by patients and their families finance 22% of long term care services in the US. After a portion of their life savings are spent for long-term care, families finally become eligible for Medicaid long-term care coverage. Medicaid pays for 41% of US long-term care expenditures. Many people expect the Medicare program to pay for nursing home stays, and are surprised and shocked when they find that Medicare will not assist them. Only 23% of long-term costs are financed by Medicare. Medicare long-term coverage: -The key distinction is between “skilled care,” for which Medicare pays, and “custodial care,” which is usually not covered. Medicare usually covers services needed for a few weeks or months after an acute hospitalization, but often does not pay for care required by a stable chronic condition. -Registered nurses in a hospital nursing facility, nursing home, or home care agency provide a wide variety of services, such as changing the dressing on a wound, taking blood pressures, listening to the heart and lungs to detect heart failure or pneumonia, reviewing patient compliance with medications, and providing patient education about diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, and other illnesses. -Custodial services involve assistant with activities of daily living (eating, dressing, bathing, etc.) and
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Bodenheimer Chapter 12 - Bodenheimer Chapter 12- Long Term...

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