Chapter 3 Bottenheimer

Chapter 3 Bottenheimer - the premium; however, many people...

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Access to health care has two major components. 1. Ability to pay. 2. Availability of health care personnel and facilities that are close to where people live and have native tongue spoken for person seeking assistance. The single most important factor explaining the growing number of uninsured is a 20- year trend of decreasing private insurance coverage in the United States. From 2001 to 2006, health insurance premiums paid by employers to provide health insurance for employees rose 68%. In response some employers have dropped coverage. The workforce has shifted from highly paid, unionized jobs to more low-wage, part- time work where employers are less likely to pay for insurance. People who leave their employment may be eligible to pay for continued coverage under their group plan for 18 months, as stipulated in the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, with the stipulation that they pay the full cost of
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Unformatted text preview: the premium; however, many people cannot afford the premiums, which may exceed $900 per month for a family of three. Seventy-four percent of the uninsured are employed or the spouses and children of those who work. Medicaid pays physicians far less than does Medicare or private insurance with the result that many physicians do not accept Medicaid patients. An estimated 17.6 million adults have private health insurance that leaves major expenses uncovered in the event of a serious illness. Nonfinancial barriers to health care include inability to access care when needed, language, literacy, and cultural differences between patients and health care-givers, and factors of gender and race. Because a far higher proportion of minorities than whites in uninsured, has Medicaid coverage, or is poor, access problems are amplified for these groups....
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