anthropology notes 9.13.2007

anthropology notes 9.13.2007 - Quantitative...

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9.13.2007 - Basic Approach o Fieldwork o Participant observation (Bronislaw Malinowski aka. Brownie) o Founding Figure: Bronislaw Marlinowski - Where o Cultural anthropologists go to the “field” (wherever culture is) o From the far away exotic and small-scale to urban and globalizing cities - What to Study o Topics have changed since the early days of cultural anthropology From holistic studies of small groups, such as indigenous people of the Andaman Islands, or Borneo, to women’s lives in South India, or informal markets, or poverty and health in Johannesburg, South Africa, or tourism’s environmental and social effects on the Andamans - Research Process o Before “entering” the field: preparations and permissions o In the field: site selection, rapport, culture shock - Data Collection o Observing o Asking o Special Methods - Fieldnotes o Anthropologists take notes!! - Data Analysis and Presentation o Wide variety of ways to analyze data collected o Analytical methods depend on the kind of data Qualitative
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Unformatted text preview: Quantitative (numeric)-Presenting findings in ethnographic writing o Realist ethnographies o Reflexive ethnographies -Ethics o Before going into the field (research design) o In the field (data collection methods) o After leaving the field (presenting your findings) -Contraversial Case (Patrick Tierney) o Journalistic critique of anthropological research among the Yanomami in terms of -Major issues raised (Napoleon Chagnon**) o Cultural anthropologist (1960s and 70s) o Wanted to find out how people reacted to the measles, so he spread it. o Were the research goals and methods ethical? o Was proper attention paid to the impact of the researchers on the people? Went through too fast and war eventually broke out. -A few notes on the Yanomami people o At the time of Chagnon’s research, most of these people had no immunities to disease o Collaborative research: a team approach, the subjects become the anthropologists...
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anthropology notes 9.13.2007 - Quantitative...

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