anthropology notes 10.9.2007

anthropology notes 10.9.2007 - 10.9.2007 Major topics in...

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10.9.2007 - Major topics in medical anthropology o Cross-cultural health systems (ethnomedicine) o Three major theoretical approaches o The effects of change, especially effects of globalization on local health and health systems - Ethnomedicine or the “health system” in various cultures o Perceptions of the body Cultures differ in how they define their bodies Perception of internal and external parts Separation of mind and body Attitudes to surgery Attitudes of death o Categories of “affliction” o Means of prevention o Diagnosis o Healing “modalities” and healers o Healing substances o Change, in all of the above - Ideas about the body in life and death: for example, gotai o An important Japanese value about the intact body in life and death Believe that a perfectly intact body is one that has never been penetrated Never cut, no tampons, no piercing The worst way to destroy your enemy is to cut off his head and bury his head and body in two places so that they can never come back together o Related to lower rates of surgery - The body: as a bounded or unbounded unit o Western health systems tends to view the body as biologically bounded o Many non-western health systems view the body as closely connected to
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anthropology notes 10.9.2007 - 10.9.2007 Major topics in...

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