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anthropology paper

anthropology paper - Albert 1 Anna Albert Anthropology 002...

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Albert 1 Anna Albert Anthropology 002 Professor Miller TA Katie Rose Cross-Cultural Comparison of Kinship and Family Life In America a “normal” family generally consists of a father and mother and their children living in the same house, although in this day and age, with climbing divorce and separation rates, the traditional American family may look different. Instead of the whole family living under one roof, there may be separate houses for each parent and the children will go back and forth. In this case, children are the proverbial glue that holds the family together. I have two houses, my mom’s house and my dad’s house. Even though we do not all live in one house together anymore we still function as a tight knit family unit. We all go on vacation together, we eat together on birthdays and holidays, and we visit various other family members together. Now that I am away at school we make more family time when we are all together than we did when we were all in one place because its more rare for all of us to be together. Although we do act as a unit when necessary, my family is highly individual. Andrew and I were expected to start working during high school, I got my first job when I was 15 and Andrew when he was 16, and we were expected to provide for ourselves, food and clothing were the exceptions, after we started working. Since we all have different schedules we do not generally eat together as a family, except on special occasions, because everyone has their own
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Albert 2 things to do. Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves by doing dishes or cleaning their rooms. My family generally bonds on a more intimate level. A lot of times two of us will do
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