WK 4 DQ 2 - Elaine and Roy are registered nurses They want...

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Unformatted text preview: Elaine and Roy are registered nurses. They want to start a home health agency, taking referrals from physicians and providing health care to homebound patients. They plan to be in business for 10 years. Identify the reasons why incorporation is an effective idea for their business, the steps they must take to incorporate their business, and the steps they must take to dissolve the corporation once the 10 years has passed. The primary focus of a home health agency is the health of the homebound patients. In the case of Elaine and Roy, shielding their personal assets through incorporation will be the best route to take. The medical field is full of suit actions and complaints. Elaine and Roy should have a complete business plan before they incorporate. The steps they will need to take, in order to incorporate are: 1) select a Corporate Jurisdiction, 2) select the name of the corporation, 3) the Articles of Incorporation will need to be completed, 4) The Articles of Incorporation will have to...
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