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WK 1, DQ 1 What is a business’s obligation to build an ethical culture and balance its desire for profit with ethical responsibilities to employees, customers, society, and the environment? All businesses, large or small, public or private face ethical dilemmas at one point or another. A business that handles ethical issues the wrong way can have a negative impact with its employees, customers, society, and even the environment. Most businesses act ethically and always choose the correct action when faced with ethical issues. With recent events (Madoff, AIG) and past events (Enron, WorldComm)…business ethics has been increasingly in the spotlight. A business is responsible for its actions towards its employees, customers, society, and the
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Unformatted text preview: environment. A business should be held accountable for its actions. In an effort to curtail breaches in ethics, businesses, especially corporations, have ethics training prepared for its employees. Employees need to sign an ethics agreement and are made aware of the consequences, if an employee fails to act ethically while at work. A business needs to support and actively monitor a set of core values with respect to its employees, customers, society, and the environment. Businesses need to adopt an anti-corruption approach. A business who conducts itself with ethics at all times will be able to protect itself of its reputation and brand name, including maintaining its customers trust....
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