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Balance Scorecard Customer 1. Keep prices competitive with competition 2. Provide 85% turnaround with customer service department scheduling 3. 20% of new business from customer referrals 4. Target select group of customers by doing census research Internal 1. 40% return of satisfaction surveys from customers 2. Plan versus actual number of customers monthly 3. Turn problems into new customer solutions 70% of the time Innovation 1. Research and apply 2 new technologies per year to portfolio 2. Benchmark new technologies entering
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Unformatted text preview: market 3. Attend at least 1 new technology products convention quarterly Financial 1. Competiveness of companies of similar size entering market 2. Return on capital employed (profitability) 3. Develop new software solutions for customers as they are created Employee 1. Competitive Commission Structure for Sales Personnel 2. Employee Referral program for new customers 3. Employees are required to get at least 1 certification per year....
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