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Strategic Planning     1 Strategic Planning Paper David Trejo May 10, 2010 BUS475 – Integrated Business Topics Facilitator: Todd Goodling
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Strategic Planning     2 Strategic Planning Paper Strategic planning and management deal with what direction the organization will be heading in and how it will go about achieving its strategic goals (Strategic Management, 2005). For the most part, business leaders are more concerned with immediate success that they do not pay attention to what their ultimate business objectives should be. This makes strategic planning an important aspect of a business’ strategy. While having a strategic plan does not necessarily mean that the organization will be a success, not having a strategic plan will leave the organization with a higher percentage for failure. The writer of this paper will select a small business to start, explain why strategic planning is important for the success of the business, define strategic management and planning, and explain the four functions of management relative to creating and implementing a strategic plan. Starting a small business
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Strategic Planning Paper - StrategicPlanning1 Strategic...

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