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WK 1  DQ 2 Define strategic management and planning. Consider a company that you  have worked for or have knowledge of and describe how this company  has successfully utilized strategic planning, or how they have failed to utilize  strategic planning and what plan you would propose.  Strategic planning is the process of planning the future direction that a company will head in. Strategic planning is set in terms of where the organization is to be the next and perhaps following years and how it will get there. The process is usually for the entire organization. Strategic planning can also set goals for divisions or departments
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Unformatted text preview: within an organization. Strategic management is the process of using strategic planning directions and implementing them into action. Performance based measurements can be utilized in an effort to gauge how effective the strategic planning is. I work for a company that manufactures health and beauty products. The company has used strategic planning to its success! Over the past ten years, the company has acquired over 20 competitors who were either looking to sell or were distressed. Each company purchased has been turned into a successful product!...
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