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Integrative Problem - shareholder wealth? Which goal do you...

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Integrative Problem The final stage in the interview process for an Assistant Financial Analyst at Caledonia Products involves a test of your understanding of basic financial concepts. You are given the following memorandum and asked to respond to the questions. Whether or not you are offered a position at Caledonia will depend on the accuracy of your response. To: Applicants for the position of Financial Analyst From: Mr. V. Morrison, CEO, Caledonia Products Re: A test of your understanding of basic financial concepts and of the Corporate Tax Code Please respond to the following questions: 1. What are the differences between the goals of profit maximization and maximization of
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Unformatted text preview: shareholder wealth? Which goal do you think is more appropriate? 2. What does the risk-return trade-off mean? 3. Why are we interested in cash flows rather than accounting profits in determining the value of an asset? 4. What is an efficient market and what are the implications of efficient markets for us? 5. What is the cause of the agency problem and how do we try to solve it? 6. What do ethics and ethical behavior have to do with finance? 7. Define (a) sole proprietorship, (b) partnership, and (c) corporation....
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