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WK 5 - Team B - Global Finance Paper - Global Finance 1...

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Global Finance 1 Global Finance Paper University of Phoenix Sadaf Asghar, Ryan Crooks, Joseph Martinez, David Trejo, and Anthony Thorton FIN/370: Business Finance Nikita G. Silver January 10, 2010
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Global Finance 2 Global Finance Paper In today’s global marketplace, doing business abroad has become as common as getting dressed each day. Technology has bridged the gap for entrepreneurs and corporate visionaries to expand into global markets with ease. Extensive risk analysis and market research must be communicated effectively to enable strategic financial steps that maximize shareholder equity and minimize company risk and exposure to be exercised. This paper will identify and discuss various factors that will impact global finance over the next 10 years by researching the risk associated with domestic capital budgeting: business risk, political risk, and financial risk in business. Global Finance Global finance is that branch of economics that deals with the dynamics of exchange rates and foreign investment. Global finance occurs when the following takes place: when a country wants to improve its economy, when the number of multinational corporations increases, and when the foreign trade increases. Besides, when global level of international portfolio and direct investment rises, global finance rises. The Future of Global Finance The next 10 years of global finance may bring a shift to the current international monetary system. Over the last century the international monetary system has been at the apex of several financial crisis, including the Great Depression, the 1997 financial crisis and the global financial meltdown in 2009 (Ahamed, 2009). Although the current financial crisis has not resulted in a repeat of the Great Depression, the current lack of confidence in the global financial system mimics the conditions that brought about the depression. The next 10 years of financial globalization will therefore, rely on three major scenarios. In
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WK 5 - Team B - Global Finance Paper - Global Finance 1...

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