Challenge03_Sampling - T s =1 f s =8.33 μ s In order to...

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Digital Signal Processing Dr. Fred J. Taylor, Professor Topic: Sampling Challenge Lesson: 03 Challenge Problems The problem is equivalent to the device shown below. Consider an application that requires 16- bit resolution for 4 independent signals having baseband bandwidths bounded from above by 10 kHz, 10 kHz, 10 kHz, and 30 kHz respectively. Suppose the ADC is capable of multiplexing between the channels. An ADC running at 120 k Sa/s has a sample period of
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Unformatted text preview: T s =1/ f s =8.33 μ s. In order to sample the signal with a single ADC, the samples will need to be interlaced as shown below: { x 1 (0 T s ), x 4 (1 T s ), x 2 (2 T s ), x 4 (3 T s ), x 3 (4 T s ), x 4 (5 T s ), x 1 (6 T s )), … } The signal x 4 ( t ) is being polled at a 60 kHz rate and the others at 20 kHz rate. SAMPLING - 1 10 k Hz 10 k Hz 10 k Hz 30 k Hz Multiplexer ADC x d [k] x 1 [k] x 2 [k] x 3 [k] x 4 [k]...
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