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Digital Signal Processing Dr. Fred J. Taylor, Professor Lesson Title: Spectral Estimation Challenge Challenge: [13] Challenge A simple filter, clocked at a rate 1 kSa/s, has a transfer function H(z)=1-z -4 . The system is presented with a WSS process and the output monitored. A Bartlett Periodgram analysis is performed by an associate who reports that several nulls existing in the baseband f [0,500]] Hz.
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Unformatted text preview: Unfortunately your associate forgot to write down these critical frequencies. You say, no big deal, I known where they are. Q. At what baseband frequencies f [0,500]] Hz does the coherence function achieve local minima. Response The filters zeros are located at z=1, j, -1, and j corresponding to baseband frequencies of 0Hz, 250Hz, -500Hz, and -250Hz. Spectral Estimation - 1...
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