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Digital Signal Processing Dr. Fred J. Taylor, Professor Lesson Title: Multirate Lesson Number [26] GSM Specifications The required filter expectations are shown below. Desired response (left), realized (right). GSM requires a symbol rate of 270.833 kSa/s and the digital down converters input is clocked at a 69.333 M Sa/s rate. Q. What is the required decimation rate?
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Unformatted text preview: A symbol rate of 270.833 kSa/s sets the information bandwidth to be 270.833 kHz. For optimal use of the available bandwidth, the input needs to be downsampled to the data rate of 270.833 KHz. This requires the received signal be decimated by ∆ =69.333 x10 6 /270.833 x10 3 ~ 256. Multirate 2 - 1 270.33k...
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