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EEL 3135 Dr. Fred J. Taylor, Professor Lesson #6 Sampling Challenge You are now routinely recording the EEL3135 lecture using a hand held device. You can record the lecture, appear as thought your interested, and a simultaneous surf MyFace. You have 0.5G Bytes of memory available before you start recording. You forgot to turn compression on and are sampling
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Unformatted text preview: at 44.1k Sa/s, a rate that Shannon would approve. Each sample is 4 bytes wide. How long can the professor drone, in minutes, on before you run out of memory (with 10%). Response 0.5*10 9 Bytes * 1/4 sample/Byte * 1/44100 seconds/sample * 1/60 minutes/second ~ 47.25 minutes (average lecture time). InvestiGATOR 1...
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