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Critical Thinking, (Phil. 120), summer 2 2009, exam 2 study guide The exam consists of 53 multiple-choice questions. Each question will be worth 1.8 points for a possible maximum of 117. You can correctly answer the T/F questions if you know the answers to the following questions: What is rhetoric? Study of persuasive writing Is rhetoric always bad? No, but it should be acknowledged Can rhetoric be mixed in with arguments? yes Is logical force the same as psychological force? No, logical force uses relevant reasoning. Rhetorical devices are sometimes called what? Slanters What is a loaded question and what is it technically a form of? A loaded question is based on something that is not proven, used to make someone look bad; form of innuendo Can praising someone be a form of innuendo? Yes, called condemning with weak praise Are all stereotypes negative? No, but they can still be wrong What are fallacies? Pseudo-arguments, arguments that use false reasoning
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Exam%202%20Study%20Guide - Critical Thinking, (Phil. 120),...

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