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April 1st, Italian


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ITALIAN CINEMA: APRIL 1 st LECTURE NOTES General Timeline/History of Love and Anarchy 1924- socialist deputy assassinated, Mussolini censored press, and exiled people Had a Guantanamo bay- had homosexuals, professors, etc, in there Mussolini rejected the dogma of personal liberty (foundation of America, France) and said that those values need not be goal and foundation of society 30’s- Mussolini tries to normalize things, has bachelor tax, since he wants to ppl to get married and have babies for his army 1936- alliance with german rome- berlin acis, get Europe With hitler- has racist laws against jews, WWII- japan joins 1942- Italians deposed Mussolini, in castle, germans reestablished him in north Italy 1942-45- north Italy (Germans/Mussolini) vs. South Italy (Americans, Sicilians) There was a civil war between these two groups AND WWII Study fascist timeline Scene After Lunch In Brothel Classical Hollywood- identify with main characters, Itlaisn- tunin- who is this guy, start to care more, start to identify with him and tripolina and the other woman Tunin beating tripolina Love and anarchy- love- what women show, personal loyalty to tunin, unjustifiable to sacrifice one good life to kill political leader, anarchy- political creed If all the mothers stopped their sons from going to war, there would be no war, good argument- shouldn’t give up one good life for good of others Women have castrated/esasculated tunin Done it out of love, but have ruined his masculinity Conspiracy of women in general Can’t even put last bullet in himself
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Colors in this scene are blue, imply claustrophobia, inside room from being colorful in beginning Movie slowly from tunins movie to tripolinas movie Tunin is crying because he is feminized, while salome takes charge and says not everyone can be a hero dammit Tunin crying because hes wondering if “ are you saying that I can’t be a man because I
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