FUNGI notes - FUNGI Fungi are important in part because...

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FUNGI Fungi are important in part because many species live in close assosciation with land plants. They supply plants with key nutrients and decompose dead wood. They are the master recyclers of nutrients in terrestrial environments Name 3 key uses of fungi: decompose wood, recycle nutrients in terrestrial environments, supply plants with key nnutrients All fungi make their living by absorbing nutrients from living or dead organisms. Fungi secrete enzymes so that digestion takes place outside their cells. Their morphology provides a large amount of surface area for efficient absorption. Many fungi have unusual life cycles. It is common for species to have a long lived heterokaryotic stage, in which cells contain haploid nuclei from two different individuals. Although most species reproduce sexually, very few species produce gametes Fungi are eukaryotes that grow as single cells or as, branching networks of multicellular filaments. Familiar fingi include the mushrooms you’ve encountered in woods or lawns, the molds and mildews in your home, the organisms that causes athletes foot, and the yeasts you used in baking and brewing. Along with the land plants and animals, the fungi are one of the three major lineages of large, multicellular, eukaryotes Land plants make their own food through photosynthesis, animals eat plants protists and fungi Fungi ABSORB their nutrition from other organisms, dead or alive. Fungi that absorb nutrients from dead organisms are the worls’s most important decomposers. Although a
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FUNGI notes - FUNGI Fungi are important in part because...

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