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investigation notes - REICH No reason to naturally feel...

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REICH No reason to naturally feel guilty about pleasure. Instincts good, anarchist Reich- orgasm farm, believed orgasm key to mental balance Sexual frustration key to aggressiveness Most ideal nature- one sexual affair after another, serial monogamy like the animal kingdom Most sexually healthy people- society doesn’t accept Sexually disturbed- like to be serial monogamists, desire to be promiscuous, but in a faithful relationship Regulate self sexually, sex economical- organize own sexual desire Suppression and repression: society and culture involve repression and suppression Is critiquing Patriarchal authoratitive culture in movie Hysteria- too much repression- happens in till marriage do us part Create people through moral regulations- makes anti-social people, since always controlling Anti social consequences result of moral regulations Nazis in rome open city- sexuality not big deal in movie, their closetedness is why they’re antisocial though. If they could be open, then stop going around killing people. Conformist- Marcello wishes he could be more like anna, society made him fascist Sexuality- social repression Ruling class decides the laws, when ruling class represses sexuality of the weaker classes, then antisocial impulses like crime. Natural morality versus compulsive morality
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investigation notes - REICH No reason to naturally feel...

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