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English_31_Vocab_8_0910 - 1 Histrionic(adj)a Deliberately...

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1. Histrionic (adj)- a. Deliberately affected b. Theatrical c. d. Her arguments were histrionic in that they were just for show 2. Vacillate (v)- a. To sway through lack of equilibrium b. Oscillate c. Stay d. I kept vacillating between buying a Honda, or a Hyundai 3. Cerebral (adj)- a. Of or relating to the brain or the intellect b. Brainy c. d. His database for drawing answers was completely cerebral, he never needed to look anything up. 4. Censure (n)- a. A judgment involving condemnation b. Reproof c. Praise d. His censure proved his distaste for my theories 5. Formidable (adj)- a. Causing fear, dread, or apprehension b. Dreadful c. Pleasant d. My Spanish teacher was a formidable opponent in the argument over my test grade. 6. Magnanimous (adj)-
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a. Generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness b. Liberal c. d. The philanthropist was quite magnanimous and beneficent. 7.
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English_31_Vocab_8_0910 - 1 Histrionic(adj)a Deliberately...

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