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Allen sisters discussion

Allen sisters discussion - We have read stories that...

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We have read stories that highlight lives of deaf people and how they “make it” in the hearing world. The Allen Sisters reading takes us back in time to earlier moments of deaf identity. What it would have meant to be a deaf woman photographer at the turn of the last century? To answer the question, briefly discuss the context of their photographic work.: What were the traditional types of careers for women in the late 1800s? Were there many professional female photographers? Describe the unique cultural aspects and contributions of the northeast part of the country near Deerfield, Massachusetts. And lastly, how were people with disabilities viewed in everyday life during this time period in this geographical place? From here, I turn back. I also turn increasingly visual as the final three essays step back in time but also forward in the way they combine visual material with my own words. In the fifth essay, "Deaf Eyes: The Allen Sisters Pictorial Photography, 1885-1920," I circle back to the earlier moments of "modern deaf identity," the turn of the last century. In "Deaf Eyes" I also focus on the intersections of gender and
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