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Cry of the Gull Chapt9-17

Cry of the Gull Chapt9-17 - Did her language acquisition...

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SPA 211 Deaf Culture and Community Discussion Questions Cry of the Gull Chapters 10-17 1. Emmanuelle’s father, a psychiatrist, heard a radio interview with a deaf American theater director, Alfredo Corrado. Dr. Laborit travelled to the international Visual Theater (IVT) with Emmanuelle. What happened at the theater? What was Dr. Laborit’s reaction? 2. Emmanuelle learned sign language when she was 7 years old.
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Unformatted text preview: Did her language acquisition change her schooling methods? How did Emmanuelle like school? 3. Laborit’s adolescent rebellion started early. How is her behavior similar or different to other rebellious teens? 4. What was your most memorable part of the book? What did you learn from the book?...
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