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Deaf poeple in HItler's Europe Discussion

Deaf poeple in HItler's Europe Discussion - SPA 211 Deaf...

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Unformatted text preview: SPA 211 Deaf Culture and Community Deaf People in Hitler’s Europe Eugenics movement Human Rights of Children with Disabilities To downplay the disability as just another human difference or deny it altogether… fails to help the child learn to live with a stigmatized condition, cope with discrimination, and become inoculated against oppression, all tasks that are discrimination, fundamental to successful living with a disability. fundamental Olkin, 1999 Right # 4 To see positive role models of adults and children with disabilities Right # 5 Right # 8 To be allowed to experience a full range of emotions To Right # 10 Right To affiliate with peers both with and without disabilities Right #12 Right # 13 To be a child Summary Inclusion, participation and self-determination are important for the healthy development of children with disabilities development Recreation is key to physical and psychological health, as well as quality of life Numerous contextual issues impact opportunities for recreation Children with disabilities are more alike than different from children who are not disabled, but their disability-related needs including those related to recreation, must disabled, be considered for healthy development be Tuesday Who is usually hurt by eugenics theories and practices (what types of people)? How can individuals resist thinking and practices that devalue individuals or groups and put them at-risk in some way? What did you already know about Hitler and his pursuit of the perfect race? What new information did you learn from the essay? It is well known that Hitler murdered thousands of Jews. His murder of other groups (e.g., people with disabilities, gay and lesbian people) is not as well known. Why? Thursday What might explain the town’s people’s lack of resistance to the Nazi’s campaign against people with disabilities? Compare and contrast the way the Nazi’s dealt the death camps for Jews and the gas chambers for people with disabilities. The Deaf Survivors testimony details the experiences of four deaf children. Klara ERdosi camp experiences Miklos Klein labor brigade and Bergen belsen Peter Farago as a 10-year-old at camp Judy Konig the Budapest ghetto ...
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