BIOL_1201_ERIN - Roles of Weak Bonds in Biological Systems...

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Roles of Weak Bonds in Biological Systems Are easily made and broken at physiological temperatures Provide specificity If “weak” interactions were “strong”, would crystallize the contents of the cell Attract and attach substrates to enzymes Determine molecular shape-a compromise between backbone and side groups CLICKER : Bonds responsible for primary structure: Peptide and Covalent bonds CLICKER : Bonds responsible for secondary structure: Hydrogen bonds CLICKER : H-bonding in secondary structure is due to: Atoms in peptide backbone Freezing The freezing problems confronting fish (Antarctic fish are ectoderms) (they are finding ice crystals in their bodies) (fish in -3 degrees water, but when you introduce ice cubes, then it dies) (If you have two fish, and you touch an ice cube to one of them, then they both die) Fish in the ice. Fish come in contact with the algae when they are feeding, so how do they avoid freezing? They utilize antifreeze. Antifreeze Peptides Small proteins (=peptides) that depress the freezing point of solutions Non-colligative freezing point depression CLICKER : A colligative property depends on the number of dissolved molecules. TRUE Depends on number of solutes in solution. Colligative Property -Depends on the number of particles (molecules) and not on the nature of the molecule “Hysteresis proteins” -affect freezing point but not the melting point o Decrease freezing point, but melting point does not change o Freeze at -2 degrees C, but melts at 0 degrees C
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BIOL_1201_ERIN - Roles of Weak Bonds in Biological Systems...

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