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Why is this poem your favorite? My favorite poem is Edgar Allan Poe’s” A Dream Within a Dream.” I like it because I think it is a metaphor for Poe’s life. I also think the poem is composed with good rhythm and rhymes well. Poe wonders if his life is real, or simply a long dream, an interesting concept. It does a good job showing the emotion that Poe feels when he experiences death around him. Explanation of the poem’s meaning. I believe that the poem is about Poe’s frustration with death. No matter what he does, death frequently occurs around him. “Grains of the golden sand/ How few! Yet how they creep/Through my fingers to the deep…O God, can I not save/One from the pitiless wave?” I feel that this symbolizes how the lives of his loved ones always seem to slip away from him. Poe also questions if his life is in fact real, or if it could be a dream. It makes me wonder if Poe ever
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Unformatted text preview: began to identify more with the narrators of his poems than his own self, meaning he was living a dream. Mind of Poe Many of Poe’s works focused on death. Specifically, the death of his wife Virginia Clemm and his mother are often focused on. The author states that his poem “Annabel Lee” is the most obvious example, but “A Dream Within a Dream,” seems to focus on his longing for her as well. I think the author is correct when he says that the frequency of death around Poe inspired his poem. He does not specifically mention death, but he says that he weeps, and references something leaving him, making it a clear metaphor for death. It also seems that he was saddened the most by Virginia Clemm’s death, making her a likely inspiration. Poe also misses his mother, who died while he was young, so I agree with the author’s interpretation that they are the subjects of the poem....
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