1201Test2Terms - Osmosis Isotonic Hypertonic Hypotonic Osmoregulation Turgid Flaccid Plasmolysis Facilitated Diffusion Ion Channels Gated Channels

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Chapter 7 Vocabulary Selective Permeability - A property of biological membranes that allows them to regulate passage of substances. Amphipathic - Having both a hydrophobic region and a hydrophilic region. Fluid Mosaic Model- Integral Proteins- Peripheral Proteins- Glycolipids- Glycoproteins- Transport Proteins- Aquaporins - A channel protein in the plasma membrane of a plant, animal, or microorganism cell that specifically facilitates osmosis, the diffusion of water across the membrane. Diffusion- Concentration Gradient- Passive Transport-
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Unformatted text preview: Osmosis- Isotonic- Hypertonic- Hypotonic- Osmoregulation- Turgid- Flaccid- Plasmolysis- Facilitated Diffusion- Ion Channels- Gated Channels- Active Transport- Sodium- Potassium Pump- A transport protein in the plasma membrane of animal cells that actively transports sodium out of the cell and potassium into the cell. Membrane Potential- Electrochemical Gradient- Electrogenic Pump- Proton Pump- Cotransport- Exocytosis- Endocytosis- Phagocytosis- Pinocytosis- Receptor-Meditated Endocytosis- Ligands-...
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