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biology 3.26.09

biology 3.26.09 - Exons Code for protein domains Protein...

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RNA synthesis RNA polymerase Formed on the template strand of DNA The RNA is anti-parallel to the DNA RNA polymer grows in the 5’ to 3’ direction Monomer added to the 3’ OH of the polymer Fig 17.24 Rna processing In the nucleous of eukaryotes RNA processing not seen in prokaryotes Addition of a 5’ GTP cap Addition of a poly-A tail Removal of introns (intervening sequences) Fig17.9 RNA processing in Eukaryotes Intron (intervening sequence) is the non-coding sequence and is removed from the mature mRNA Exon (expressed sequence) codes for a sequence of amino acids
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Unformatted text preview: Exons Code for protein domains Protein domains Modular architecture Functional inut of the proteins Ex.) substrate binding site, coenzyme Fig 17.10 Alternative splicing problem Tropomyosin isoproteins Heart tropomyosin Brain tropomyosin Fig 17.13 Ribosome location Free in the cytoplasm Associated with the rough ER Fig 17.2 Prokaryotes Transcription and translation occur in the same compartment Occur contemporaneously Fig 17.22 Fig 17.24 Mutation Change in DNA...
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