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2-3 ntoes - 2/3 No Lecture Thursday First exam 6pm in same...

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2/3 No Lecture Thursday! First exam @ 6pm in same room Clicker: Which is not part of the endomembrane system? Mitochondria golig, er, vesicles Chloroplasts site of photosynthesis and produce oxygen Chloroplasts are part of the endomembrane system false Mitochondria produce atp, consume O2, produce O2, site of cellular respiration Cytoskeleton Provides structure to the cytoplasm Initially cytoplasm (ground substance) was thought to be without structure Improved techniques showed this to be wrong Fig 6.20 the cytoskeleton Table 6.1 Flagella and Cilia Organelles involved in movement Bacteria have “flagella” but are constructed differently than in Eukaryotes Fig 6.23 a comparison of the beating of flagella and cilia Same structural design in flagella and cilia 9+2 Structure – only in Eukaryotes (absent in higher plants(flowering plants)) Different than the flagella of bacteria Flagella larger and fewer in number than cilia Other elements involved in movement Sliding filaments Molecular Motors
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2/3 Sliding filaments Proteins involved in movements E.g., actin and myosin Fig 6.27 Microfilaments and motility 9 + 2 Structure
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