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Exam_1_answers_section_5_form_2 - EXAM 1 Form 2 BIOLOGY...

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EXAM 1 – Form 2 BIOLOGY 1201 section 5 Fall 2008 Name: ____________________________ Choose the best answer for the following questions by filling in the appropriate space on your answer sheet. There are 50 questions. 1. How many electrons would be expected in the outer most shell of an atom with an atomic number of 17? a). 1 b). 3 c). 5 d). 7 e). 17 2. Oxygen has an atomic number of 8. Therefore, _______ 3. Which type of linkage connects glucose units in cellulose? 4. What type of bond results from a complete transfer of electron(s) between atoms? 5. A phospholipid molecule has . a). a glycerol molecule d). two amino acids b). two sulfhydryl groups e). three fatty acids c). a deoxyribose sugar 6. Which of the groups of organic molecules below would be expected to contain sulfur? 7. A nitrogenous base, a phosphate group, and a five-carbon sugar are the three components of a(an)
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MATCHING: For questions 8 - 10 mark the letter of the functional group listed in the column below that best answers the question. AN ANSWER MAY BE USED MORE THAN ONCE . 8 . C 9. 10. 11. Na + is an example of a(n) . a). amphipathic molecule b). cation c). anion d). zwitterion e). iconoclast 12. In which structure(s) below do all of the atoms have reasonable numbers of chemical bonds?
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