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Erin LeBlanc Biology 1201: Section 5 Extra credit assignment (5 points) To do the extra credit assignment, go to the human chromosome site at: The assignment is due by email at 4:30 pm Wednesday December 3, 2008. You have been assigned chromosome 12. Once you open the site, click on the chromosome number you have been assigned. Note that there are a lot of genetic diseases associated with that chromosome. Choose one of these diseases. Finally, answer the following questions. If you have trouble answering question 3 for your disease just choose a different disease. Be careful! Don’t tell me a trait is X-linked if you have been assigned chromosome 13 for example.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. How many base pairs are in the chromosome you have been assigned. The answer is right on the graphic of the chromosome. There are 143 million bases in chromosome 12. 2. Which disease did you choose? In one sentence (or two) what is wrong with a person that has this disease? Do not cut and paste these sentences from some other source. I chose Keutel syndrome. A person that has the disease may suffer from cartilage calcification, characteristic physical features (particularly the face), brachytelephalangism, peripheral pulmonary stenosis, hearing loss and mild mental retardation. 3.Is it a dominant or recessive trait? It is a rare autosomal recessive trait....
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