chapter 10 - summary - Summary of Key Points and...

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Summary of Key Points and Terminology – Chapter 10 Statistics is a science concerned with the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data and has extensive applications in quality assurance. The three basic components of statistical methodology are descriptive statistics, statistical inference, and predictive statistics. Statistical methods are used in many areas of quality assurance. Statistical thinking is a philosophy of learning based on principles of understanding that all work occurs in a system of interconnected processes, variation exists in all processes, and variation must be understood and reduced. Common causes of variation are inherent to a process, generally account for most observed variation, and cannot be identified on an individual basis or controlled. Special (assignable) causes of variation are sporadic in nature and result from external disturbances that can usually be identified statistically and either explained or corrected. A system governed only by common causes is called a stable system . Management can make two fundamental mistakes in attempting to improve a process: 1. To treat as a special cause any fault, complaint, mistake, breakdown, accident, or shortage when it actually is due to common causes. 2. To attribute
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chapter 10 - summary - Summary of Key Points and...

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