chapter 11 - summary - Summary of Key Points and...

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Summary of Key Points and Terminology – Chapter 11 Breakthrough is the accomplishment of any improvement that takes an organization to unprecedented levels of performance. Six Sigma projects often focus on breakthrough improvements that add value to the organization and its customers through systematic approaches to problem solving. A six sigma quality level corresponds to a process variation equal to half of the design tolerance while allowing the mean to shift as much as 1.5 standard deviations from the target. The sigma level can easily be calculated on a spreadsheet using the Excel formula =NORMSINV(1 – Number of Defects/Number of Opportunities) + SHIFT or equivalently, =NORMSINV(1 – dpmo/1,000,000) + SHIFT The principal problem solving methodology used by Six Sigma is DMAIC —define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. In the Define stage, the process of drilling down to a more specific problem statement is sometimes called project scoping . The Measure stage includes collecting good data, observation, and careful listening. The first step in any data collection effort is to develop operational definitions for all performance measures that will be used. The Analyze phase of DMAIC focuses on why defects, errors, or excessive variation occur, and focuses on the root cause ―that condition (or interrelated set of conditions) having allowed or caused a defect to occur, which once corrected properly, permanently prevents recurrence of the defect in the same, or subsequent, product or service generated by the process.‖ The Improve stage focuses on idea generation, evaluation, and selection. Finally, the Control stage focuses on how to maintain the improvements. Projects are the vehicles that are used to organize team efforts and to implement the
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chapter 11 - summary - Summary of Key Points and...

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