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final_topics - ± Principles ± Solution for diffuse...

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Computer Graphics II Final Exam. Spring 2010 Ray Tracing Principles. o Ray-tracing spheres o Ray-tracing using OpenCL Light Transport Equation and Solutions o Fundamentals: Radiometric quantities o Derivation o Radiosity equation from Light Transport Equation o Solution for Diffuse and Mirror surfaces lit by Environment light. o Pre-filtering o Spherical Harmonics based lighting
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Unformatted text preview: ± Principles ± Solution for diffuse surfaces o Path tracing • Materials o Fresnel equation o Why BRDF? o BRDF definition o BRDF models o Analytical Models o Models from First principles. • Tone Mapping o Principles ± Rod-Cone response and adaptation ± Sigmoid function o High Dynamic Range Imaging ± Bilateral Filtering ± Bilateral Grid...
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