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Oculi nostri non valebant - 8 Multi libri antique propter...

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1. Oculi nostri non valebant ; quare agros bellos videre non poteramus. Our eyes are not strong; therefore we are not seeing the beautiful field. 2. Sine multa pecunia et multis donis tyrannus satiare populum Romanum non poterit. The Roman people would not be satisfied with their ruler without much money and gifts. 3. Non poterant igitur, te de poena amicorum tuorum heri monere. Therefore, your friends were not warned about the penalty yesterday. 4. Parvus numerus Graecorum cras ibi remanere poterit. Small numbers of Greeks will remain there tomorrow. 5. Magister pueros malos sine mora vocabit. Teachers will call boys without delay.
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5. Filiae vestrae de libris magni poetae saepe cogitabant. Your daughter 7. Quando satis sapientiae habebimus.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Multi libri antique propter sapientiam consiliumque errant magni. 9. Gloria bonorum liborum simper manebit. 10. Possuntne pecunia otiumque curas vitae humanae superare? 11. Therefore, we cannot always see the real vices of a tyrant. 12. Few free men will be able to tolerate an absolute ruler. 13. Many Romans used to praise the great books of the ancient Greeks. 14. Where can glory and fame be perpetual? 1. Dionysis tum erat tyrannus Syrascusanorum. 2. Optasne meam vitam fortunamque gutare? 3. Possumne, O di, in malis insidiis et magno exito esse salvi? 4. Propter curam meam in perpetuo periculo non eritis. 5. Propter vitia tua multi te culpant et nihil te in patria tua delectare nunc potest....
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Oculi nostri non valebant - 8 Multi libri antique propter...

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