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General Psychology PSY 2012 Dr. Stacey Tantleff Dunn ADDENDUM TO SYLLABUS Students with Disabilities: The University of Central Florida is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all persons with disabilities. This syllabus, for example, is available in alternate formats upon request. Students with disabilities who need accommodations in this course must be registered with Student Disabilities Services, Student Resource Center Room 132, Phone (407) 823-2371, TTY/TDD only phone: (407) 823-2116 before meeting with the professor to request specific accommodations. Religious Holidays: In addition to well-documented emergencies, observed religious holidays are excused absences. If there is one religious holiday on the Friday of a quiz, that is the quiz grade you drop (just as if you had an illness). If there are two religious holidays on the Fridays of quizzes you must come see me by January 20th to arrange a make-up quiz . You CANNOT report that you missed a quiz due to a religious holiday AFTER THE FACT.
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