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1187721867 - Why this course Obvious reasons Computer...

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Computer Organization CDA 3103 (EEL 3801) Dr. Hassan Foroosh Dept. of Computer Science UCF © Copyright Hassan Foroosh 2004 Why this course? Obvious reasons Course is “required”, prerequisite for CDA 4150 (and EELXXXX). Implementation basis for all modern computing systems Designing large systems from small components. Describe the basics of what a computer is. More important reasons Offers interesting counterpoint to software design; useful in generally furthering our understanding of computation Today Course Style, Philosophy and Structure Intro to Computer Architecture Objectives This is a course in Computer Design and at the end of the course, students should understand how modern computer systems work how to design a computer & how design decisions affect cost and performance. how to measure performance
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Course Administration Instructor: Dr. H. Foroosh TA’s: Hongliang Gao and Nazim Ashraf WWW: http://webct.ucf.edu Text: Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, Third Edition , Patterson and Hennessy Q: Need 3rd Edition? yes! >> some differences in exercises, examples, ... Admin Syllabus is online (WebCT). Lecture notes: Available on WebCT Course email account: Will use Electronic Community http://ecommunity.ucf.edu Assignments These will be posted on the Web site each week.
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