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Kenny Yu ENG4 HW#2 Tuesday A02 1/19/10 Design is the process of planning or developing ideas and conveying them to others. Design is used for personal expression and product or process development. Personal expression is divided into concrete and abstract design. An abstract design does not serve an operative purpose but serves as a source of beauty and interest. An example would be the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. It serves as an iconic image for St. Louis. On the other hand, a concrete design is a realistic model. Similarly to personal expression, product/ process development is divided into two main designs: aesthetic design and functional design. Aesthetic design is the design of the physical appearance of a product. Industrial designers specialize in aesthetics and designs according to the consumers’ preferences. The other major design in product/process development is the functional design. It is the design of the functions of a product/process. The designers in this process construct the
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