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Kenny Yu EME 1 11/24/08 Mechanical Engineering Today, Professor Hofez came to our class to discuss mechanical engineering. He tells us that there are two sides of mechanical engineering: the wet side and the dry side. The dry side consists of dynamics, machine design, system, and control. The wet side consists of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer. He suggests mechanical engineers to take a computer course like ECS5 because computing is very important for any type of engineers. He also prefers mechanical engineers to take his course, 189A Rocket Proportion or his freshman seminar, Rocket Science. In his classes, students learn global positioning system and satellites. Students will also get to learn the history of space science and learn important figures like Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus, Isaac
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Unformatted text preview: Newton, and Daniel Bernoulli. Hofez was teaching us about the basic concepts of satellites and rockets. Satellites certain speed is around seven kilometers per second. If it is less than seven kilometers per second the satellite falls back down to earth and if it is more than seven kilometers per second the satellite goes off into outer space. In rockets, there is a propeller that consists of both solids and liquids that create a chemical reaction combustion. As a student, it is necessary to know the conservation of energy, mass, and momentum for rockets. It is important when designing the nozzle for rockets because it gives the rocket the extra lift that is required to escape the gravity of earth. When the rocket gets its liftoff from earth, it drops empty compartments of fuel so it will be lighter....
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