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eme1wk4 - they have smaller hubs than any other airlines...

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Kenny Yu EME1 10/27/08 ENG105 Thermodynamics/Mechanical Engineering Today Professor Dsouza came to our class to discuss about her educational background, her engineering class, and about thermodynamics in general. She teaches junior level thermodynamics course at University of California, Davis. In her education, she majored in physics and worked on a particle experiment. Professor Dsouza also worked at Microsoft where she researched on mathematical models of science. She studied how crystals grow and the symmetry of snowflakes. She was also a professor at Santé Fe. In her class, the students use math to study what are networks. Some examples of networks are the internet and the airline service. The internet consists of routers connected to optical wires. Out of all the airlines, Southwest Airline is the best because
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Unformatted text preview: they have smaller hubs than any other airlines that allow airplanes to be rerouted easier. Because of the efficiency, they have been telling other airlines to reconstruct their networks. Biological network is also another example of a network. People change genes, proteins, and DNA to help cure diseases and make drugs. Firefox, an internet web browser, doesn’t get affected by a bug because it is in separate modules. Internet could be destroyed if the five hubs are all targeted, but is very unlikely for it to be destroyed. Calculus and finding limits in an equation is necessary in her class. A matrix represents a network in mathematical term by each nodes. Professor Dsouza also discussed about the 80-20 rule which states that eighty percent of effort is used to finish twenty percent of the work....
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